MillionaireMatch: Bad Grammar is the Biggest Turn Off

​​​First impressions count and, in the world of online dating, that means your opening line and bio description. It’s incredible how quickly a sex photo or interesting hobbies can suddenly be ruined by poor grammar and spelling. No matter how good you look, there’s no denying that poor grammar and spelling can be a turn-off and totally ruin an otherwise great conversation.

 “A lot of the time I won’t think much of their intelligence, education, or language proficiency if they don't take the time to type properly,” Susan, a long time member.

“I noticed some basic grammar mistakes and lots of misspelled words. It is definitely a disaster and a total mood killer,” Joseph, an affluent bachelor online.

Now, even though poor grammar and spelling mistakes turn off both men and women, women seem to find it a much bigger issue. Generally, women are much more sensitive than men. They will notice everything about your dating profile, including hair, body, cloth of your photo, distance, self-description, education, dating ideas, etc. Women are more likely to prefer educated partners while dating online. Bad grammar really is ruining potential relationships.

MillionaireMatch, an internet dating site designed for successful and attractive singles, has served a very exclusive, elite clientele for rich and attractive men and women since 2001— that means that you take your chance to talk with and date a successful, rich man or attractive lady online. They are well-spoken, well-educated and not playing dating games. You should take the time to present yourself in your best light. Pleasant conversation without terrible spelling or poor grammar can lead to a further conversation on dating website/app. It is clear: good looks, money, and a great personality — none of that matters if you can’t present yourself and communicate in a clear, interesting way.

But grammar isn’t the only online dating pet peeve. Here are the other issues daters find frustrating:

1. Catfishing

There’s nothing more upsetting than starting up a conversation with someone and meeting them in person, only to find out you’re being catfished or scammed. And it happens more often than you might think. That’s why MillionaireMatch has strict verification practices — so you can rest easy knowing that the person you’re talking to is exactly who they say they are.

2. Cheesy Filters And Topless Selfies

When you’re dating, you want to know what someone actually looks like — rather than seeing them with massive SnapChat filters covering their face or posing with a tiger while on holiday. MillionaireMatch attracts the most exclusive and elite clientele — that means grownup photos, where you can see exactly what they look like. No more surprises.

3. Being Pestered And Harassed

Being harassed is a surprisingly common part of online dating — in fact, almost 40 percent of users experience harassment on dating sites and apps. It takes away from the dating experience and makes you less likely to use the app to find connections. Luckily, having an elite clientele like you find on MillionaireMatch will cut down the number of random messages. You get real adults looking for real connections, so you can get on with finding a match.

4. Penpals

You’d be surprised how many people reply back and forth for weeks or months — but never meet up in real life. In fact, some people call it their biggest online dating pet peeve. With MillionaireMatch, we cater the most successful CEOs, businessmen, lawyers, sports stars, and celebrities — men and women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to ask for it. If you want a real date, you can be meeting face-to-face in no time.

Joseph said: “Only one photo is always a faker and scammer. You should add one more different photo on your dating profile, which can express your hobbies, experiences and personal characteristics.”

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